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IE toolbar configuration

OK, so I thought I'd use the features of the IE toolbar since I don't pay any attention to it 90% of the time. I wanted to cut the toolbar in half so I right clicked on the middle part of the tool bar and un-checked the standard buttons. Wow I have about another half inch of screen while surfing. The only problem it creates is my forward/backward buttons dissapear....

:rolleyes: any suggestions how I can put in my forward/backward buttons after un-checking the "stardard buttons" on IE toolbar?????

Perris Calderon

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For the bigges screenpossible in ie, first hit f11 to hide the tool bars, then put the mouse on any empty spot in the taskbar that remains...right click, check auto hide task bar....if you have auto hide on the bottom also, that's a 100% full screen


i dont know about those back,forward buttons, but another think that u can do is leave only this 2 buttons and then move the adress and other tool bars up to those back and forward buttons to save space, or use keyboard shortcuts for navigation" alt+that left arror thingy" for back button, and "alt+ right arrow thingy" to go forward

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