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IE shutting down


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I have an issue and I'm not sure where to post it. My computer has been running very slow lately. I run virus scans all the time and can't seem to catch anything. I have recently been having a lot of problems with IE 7 shutting down, so I am having to open IE without add-ons. It doesn't shut down now, but it prevents me from seeing a lot of things I need to see. Any suggestions?


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We can start with basics.. like is this an XP box or Vista?

Have you checked for spyware?


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I ran Spybot Search & Destroy and it only caught 2 burstmedia cookies and 1 Window Security Center registry key change. I fixed the problems.

Now what should I do?


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What add-ons did you have to disable to get IE to not close on you? As disabled the add-ons and your not having issues with IE would makes me believe it would be the fault of one of your add-ons. To do a quick trouble shoot try and turn them on one at a time, surf a bit and then turn the next on. Once you find IE closing on you again the last enabled add-on become suspect, and I would try perhaps uninstalling/reinstalling. If that doesn't fix your problem it could perhaps be an incompatibility between add-ons that is causing your headache.

Having no idea what add-ons your talking about though makes it difficult to diagnose. :)
Running slow and IE shutting down are two seperate issues. IF IE is stable now run it for a while then turnthe add ins back on and see if the rpoblem recurs.

In the mean time you cna be addressing the slow down issue. All PCs slow down as time goes by. One reason is psychological. As you get used to a system your expectations inrease and the machine seems slower. Nothing you can do about this. The second reason is growing bloat on the machine. There are two solutions to the bloat issue:

1) Reformat and reinstall - this is the shotgun approach and the sign of a weak mind. (Many people at OSNN beleive in the periodic reinstall and I will likely get blasted for this comment.) If you go this route make sure you have the windows CD and ALL of the hardware drivers for your machine. You must be absolutely sue you back up any keys and any DRM liscences.

2) The kinder gentler approach is to go through your PC and remove any junk you have installed that you don't absolutely need. That includes going through add/remove programs, running something like ccleaner, defragging the HD, spyware scans, virus scans, geeting rid of utilities you hardly ever use, getting into your start up directory and removing all the annoying little things that clog up memory and that were automatically installed for you by other program. Before removing items google them and make sure they are junk ware...

3) Option 3 is to start upgrading. Faster HD, more RAM (up to 3 gig in XP), faster graphics card, faster CPU (bigger power supply to go with all that).

A hijackthis log posted here at OSNN will get you some advice on performance eating software that may not be worth hanging onto in your start up.

PS I'm running IE 6 and it seems to be getting more quirky lately. It hangs and I sometimes have to close IE and reopen it to get it working again. I chalk this up to another product improvement on MS crash Tuesday upgrades.


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I'll check out the performance eating software and see if that helps. I have deleted the things I know about, but since I'm not really a techie, I don't know what a lot of it does.

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How do I add the add-ons back one at a time? I opened Windows with NONE of them running.
First, to disable all of them without running IE: go to the IE icon located in the start menu > right click > internet properties

Click on the programs tab and at the bottom is a button that says "manage add-ons" and it is here you can enable or disable add-ons

You can just enable or disable from here then run IE until you possibly find one that crashes IE

With IE running you can get to "manage add-ons" through "Tools" > Manage add-ons


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There's 68 add-ons. Is there any way to go about this other than adding one back at a time? Is there a way to copy and paste all of them in an email and show you what's in there?

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I'm guessing your ie issue is the flash player, try disabling that first, if that's it just update it that usually does the trick unless the particular video that's causing the problem is the issue and not the flash player


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I'm guessing your ie issue is the flash player, try disabling that first, if that's it just update it that usually does the trick unless the particular video that's causing the problem is the issue and not the flash player

Before I saw this reply, I started enabling my add-ons in groups of 10. When I got to the 4th group, it started shutting down again. So, I am assuming it's something in the 4th group. Here they are:

MSN ToolBand BHO
MUWebControl Class
Norton Confidential Browser
Ofice Genuine Advantage
Popup Killer
Quick Time Object
Quick Time Object
Quick Timecheck Class
RealPlayer G2 Control

Since Flash Player is not one of these, what do you think might be causing the problem?

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