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IE quick help


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Hey all,
I want to know, I think one of the Windows updates did this and I'm not sure if this was posted before (sorry if it was), but how do you get rid of the:
A: Click ok to active ActiveX Control
B: The click on a flash based or some sort of script based animation to allow access to interactive mode.

Thanks in Advance.
Yes it was a security update to windows. Not sure if you can get rid of all the "click ok prompts". MS knows what's good for you better than you do.

Look at check boxes under tools-internet options-security-custom


tools, internet options, advanced. Security settings.

Check the ones you are willing to risk like Active X.

You could also add sites you use a lot and trust to your "trusted sites" which relaxes security.


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It was a cumulative update for IE. It was released as a stand alone update back in March but was released again as a cumulative update in April. It cannot be uninstalled nor would I suggest trying.

The update became necessary because of a court judgment against Microsoft.


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Thanks. I only use IE on a some websites that FireFox seems to like changing around content. I just hated that whole click to interact with some sort of applet.


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I'm fairly certain this ruling will affect other web browsers in the future. It has to do with the way embedded content is run.

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