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IE Problems



I'm having problems with sites that require active x, for example, when i go to windows update, i keep on getting an the error message that i gave a link to below. I can't log into sites that require me to log in, like hotmail. Can someone help me with active x in the internet options?
This might help:

Tools>Internet Options>Security tab
Click the Internet icon, and hit the "Default Level" button.
Then click the Privacy tab, and set the slider to Medium.
Click OK, and restart the browser.

Perris Calderon

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let's see a screeny of what your active x controls are set to;

tap the litle internet globe at the botton of your browser on the right...that brings up the security window

go to custom level,...if you can't post a full screeny, tell us what all your options are set to


all the options are set to default in everything and it's still not working. i have the ie6 that came with win xp though, version 6.2600.000 or something like that. i've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling ie too, and it's still not working.

Hipster Doofus

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Get a hold of the Avant browser. It installs on top of IE but also leaves IE alone so you can use both. In the avant tools there is an option to use active x. See if it will work with avant. If not you easily uninstall it.

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