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13 May 2002
Hi all

I was uninstallin stuff from my computer b4 n uninstalled something witout thinkin bout it n cant remember wat was, anyway went to click on my IE Shortcut b4 n it said broken link so i looked in the start menu for IE n it wasnt there, so then i search the windows folder n im using the 1 i found there as the shortcut, anyway on the pic below am i using the correct version n 100% up to date? ive ran Windwos update just incase but no updates.

Pls Help




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Just that internet explorer was removed from The shortcut i created which means the origional thing had to have been deleted,n the icon in start, all programs aint there, n im wonderin if the IEExplorer.exe i found in the windows folder is the up to date version as it was in the SP1 folder i beleive. But from the pic above is it the latest version basically?
This is wat i mean bout finding the shortcut in the Service pack Folder...


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Don't think that is the cprrect shortcut. Try the one in here C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\.

If that doesn't work try repairing IE.

Try this to repair IE
Start/Run/regsvr32 urlmon.dll


To reinstall IE
Start/run/rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 c:\windows\inf\ie.inf


Looks like you're using the backup.

The i386 folder in ServicePackFiles is what Windows accesses to replace critical files that are deleted or modified. Do what Hipster suggested. :)
And yes you are using the most up to date version.
Well if im using the most up tp date version is it worth repairing it still?
I just looked in my C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer Folder n i found the IExplorer icon, ill just use this one then yes?
Ok Thanx Everyone 4 ur help, i should really try n figure out what i uninstalled then lol

Thanx Again


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