Ie Popups!!!



Something I did made ie popups pop up randomly without even browsing the web - every 10 minutes 3 pages are opened closing them causes another to be opened. How do I end this annoying delimma?


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search for 2 programs

1st called spybot search and destroy

2nd called adaware 6

run them, let them clear out the spyware and pop up timers, reboot and stear clear of those suspect sites.


Okay I have Adaware and I have Spybot and Spywareblaster. I was playing a game and all the sudden crazy music started playing I check my desktop and there are 8 pop up windows 1 which is playing the stupid music....


I still haven't gotten rid of the ie pop ups- if you think you can help me email me, private message me, or message me on AIM @ S1REE please thank you!


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If you've run spybot etc.. with no joy then you could try HijackThis available here

I used it when my browser was hijacked (in a very minor way) and it sounds like the same may have happend to you! This is why these popups keep coming back as the instructitons to load them up are coming from within your browser :(

Run it, if you aren't sure what entries are good or bad post a screenshot of the output here and someone will advise.

Mostly though it's pretty obvious!

Try Popup Popper, which forbids popups on a site by site basis and Hijack This (Enyo left a link to the thread about it), which lists everything that is attatched to IE, then lets you pick and choose the which items you want to eliminate.

Both of these programs are freeware and, in my opinion, are better than any commercial software.
Its probably Messenger running in the backround. Run -> services.msc -> Messenger -> Disable. Also, download the latest Mozilla which is 1.4 RC3, it has a built in pop up blocker. Adaware as mentioned before is also a good idea to run.


POW! has slammed 224 popup windows to date!

even though it auto closes the windows that pop up I still have to watch them open up to be closed immediatly, which sucks!

By the way -- why can't i just KILL everything that shows up in the scan what will it harm?

I killed everything with a 016 in HijackThis- which was 4 listings...


Okay so when you told me to kill 016 in my log did you mean only the first item 016 or all 4?

Enyo if you have AIM message me my s/n is S1REE -

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