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I got this the following tweak from MS themselves in their Windows Platform News - 2003, Issue 42 :D

Always remember to backup your registry before attempting any modifications to it. Or if you dont feel comfortable editing your registry then DONT DO IT.

Q: How can I stop Internet page links from opening in my Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) session?

A. If IE is open on your system and you click a hyperlink to a Web page from another application in Windows (for example, from an e-mail message, from the Run command), Windows will attempt to open the Web page in your existing IE session. To prevent this behavior and force Windows to open a new IE session, perform the following steps:

Start a registry editor (for example, regedit.exe).
Navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main registry subkey.
Double-click the AllowWindowReuse value or create this value (of type REG_DWORD) if it doesn't already exist.
Set the value data to 0 to force Windows to open a new IE session, and then click OK (setting the value to 1 will let Windows use an existing IE session).
Close the registry editor.
Log off and log on for the change to take effect.


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I'm not quite following. This would stop page links from opening up. I'm using FastBrowser about 90% of the time because it opens up seperate links and keeps them open so I can switch back and forth between sites without having to re-open a new page each time. Is this what you mean.. "Sorry I'm brain dead right now--long week"!)
if your surfing the net, and you have a program open, and maybe click on the program to open up the software developers website, it will open a new window, instead of taking over any window you already have open.


Does the author of this article mention why he recommends to use regedit to make this change?

Ticking or unticking "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts" in Internet Options > Advanced changes this registry value as well.

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I use Avant Browser which is very good. I've set it to load a new page every time I click a link with the scroll wheel of my mouse.


Well there's another way - No need of any registry hacks..:D

Open up IE Properties:

- Go to the Advanced Tab.
- Under browsing category/section - "Uncheck" - Reuse Windows for lauching shortcuts.
- Then just Click Apply & OK.

That's it you are done...:cool: .
Now whenever you click any hyperlink in a webpage it automatically relaunches in a seperate IE window....:)


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