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IE keeps setting homepage to www.MSN.com

What is with IE? :confused:

I have gone to Tool > Internet Option, and I've set the homepage(startpage) to blank several times. Everytime I restart the comptuer or something, IE sets it back to MSN.com. I think it has something to do with SP2. Haven't had this problem before SP2. :mad:

Hrmmm... anyone experience the same problem?
It is quite annoying. I like to start out on a blank page.


High On Life!
did u install msn toolbar or u keep running adaware after setting ur home page to about:blank? because adaware finds thats as a hijack attempt and when u remove it, it sets ur homepage i think to the microsoft thing


High On Life!
btw why the heck does it find it as a hijack attempt thats pretty dumb, every time u put it on a new pc u have to tell it to ignore it
Well, whaddaya know... that was the problem. Ahh, i knew i was doing something to set it back to msn.com

just didn't know what i was doing that was wrong

alright then, i'll try to set the adaware to ignore that one... thanx alot guys
By the way, in the new version of AdAware SE, you can actually tell it what your home page SHOULD be in IE. That way it won't detect your about:blank as a hijack attempt. Basically it's just seeing something different than what it thinks your homepage should be, so it says "hey! did you ask for this to be your homepage?"
Mubbers said:
If you use hijackthis you can just wipe out all those "false" homepages etc...

Did someone already say this?
That's not really the issue here... He was saying that his homepage was purposely set @ about:blank, but Adaware thinks it wasn't, so marks it as a hijack attempt. And with Adaware, you can tell it what your homepage SHOULD be set at and as long as it matches what you tell it that it should be, it won't log it as a hijack attempt.

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