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IE is having problems with xml files

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
Actually the correct term is XHTML. Anyways, it's what comes up when you you have an unknown file type on your computer and microsoft asks about using a web service to find out information about that file extension.

Normally it displays a page with the information and some micosoft notes, but instead it's displaying the page all wrong.

For example with this URL:

this is exactly what you see:
<?xml-stylesheet version="1.0" type="text/xsl" href="../PageTemplate.xsl"?>
- <MSFILEASSOCIATIONS xmlns:dt="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:datatypes" xml:space="preserve">





Any ideas how to fix this issue?


IE is having problems...
Sky is blue...

mmm... love stating the obvious!!! =P


Your problems are solved. IE is NOT standards compliant so may display the highly standards required xhtml code very wrongly... mmm... go my grammer...

Me fail English??? Thats unpossible!!!


I tried your exampleURL. It is displayed correctly here. So it is not a general problem of IE at least. No idea for a fix either, sorry.

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
Yes, it all the sudden stopped working right recently and I don't know why.
I'm thinking it may have been a bug fix I downloaded - or then again it could have been something I tweaked. Wish I knew what caused it. I even tried to rollback my computer to an earlier date but that didn't fix it.

P.S. I actually do have Mozilla - version 1.1b to be exact - I download the latest ones as they come out.


Try this:
Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced Tab ->click restore defaults
be sure to close all instances of IE after making changes.

if that doesn't work try repairing IE through add/remove programs.

if neither of those work let me know if/how you fix it


I've got this same problem. It seems like the MS XML Parser install is corrupted, be it a file or registry. I too noticed it after SP1, but I also had the problem with Windows Update where in IE Options, Languages, no language was selected. I'm betting the two are related. So now I'm suspecting some update either directly from SP1 or post SP1, has caused this. (ie .NET Framework Sp2)

Anybody else have ideas/solutions without reimaging?

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