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IE Auto Refreshing Each 5 Seconds on Every Web Page


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Just ran into this, as it was the first time I came across it and thought it was rather odd/interesting I would post incase others experience it.

No matter what pages a user would go to, the site itself would go and refresh every 5 seconds without fail. This happened for all 10 of the test pages I went to on his PC, each and everytime. Resetting his web settings, windows updates, emptying Internet Cache provided no help.

I decided to run a Hijackthis scan just to take a peek and noticed something odd -

His proxy server was actually pointing back to the local host. I went to look at it under Internet Options, and found this -

Since it was checked and greyed out, I removed it using HJT, rebooted and all was well again. IE was no longer automatically refreshing pages at repeated 5 second intervals. Believe it or not, the user has dealt with this issue ever since he got his PC in April of last year.


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Yeah was rather excited, can't believe he "lived with it" for near a year :eek:

Came to a point today where he couldn't deal anymore, was trying to get driving directions and the forms kept blanking every 5 seconds before he could submit it :p

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