IE and the Right Click


Sometimes you can bypass this rightclickblocking by pressing the I think it's called applicationkey (between Win and Ctr) on your keyboard instead.


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yes u can piss easy i always do it to save pictures press ur left mouse button then ur right and it will come like normal take's a little time to get it right but it work's

cant belive no 1 knew haha


There are many poor scripters out there, luckily. I have IE Booster browser extensions installed (very useful btw) . If you can get the contextmenu of the page there you choose "show images"and a new window opens with a list of pictures without rightclickblocking. Did so far work everytime. Apart fom that as far as I know anything that's on your screen is already saved in your temporary Internetfiles and you can pick it up from there.
Catch, if you can teach webmasters to safe things frome saving, pleaaaaze don't.


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with IE 6 you can take any picture, wither the scrip is bad or good..just make your cursor on the picture for a will see on the upper left corner three commands..choose save as....what I wanted is how to open many pages from a site instaed of won't face this problem with Opera.
thanks for the responses.


I don't know whether I've caught you right, but you can open a link in a new window by holding the shift key when clicking.


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also sometimes you can cheap it out by right clicking and hitting enter quickly, then right clicking. lather rinse repeat untill you can get the right click menu. this doesn't work all the time though.


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anyone have sites to test this out? A link to a poor scripted site and a good scripted site. I'm sure i could bypass both.

Is there any way of protecting your source code from other people? Frames only stops noob13s.


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i could this site a couple days ago. it has HTML source protection. i didn't look over it much, but it looks like it talks the talk.

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