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IE and Nvidia


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Hi everyone,

My computers been acting up a bit lately. First of all IE cant install any Active X controls (im running xp pro sp2). When the pop up comes up, I press install but nothing happens.

And secondly I cant install and drivers for my video card. Im sure I downloaded the right one and when I go to install it, it says "no video card that is supported was found on your system". I checked device manager and sure enough its there, but beside the name of the card it says:
"(Microsoft Corperation)". Before I formatted it didnt say this and I could install drivers.



Windows XP Pro SP2
Nvidia Riva TNT2 Model 64 Pro
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I managed to install the omega drivers. I just have 2 more questions:

Why does my screen go black for a few seconds when I want to edit the driver settings?

Do I need all those services starting at bootup for the driver to work right?

Thanks for your help


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No, you dont need the services. They even cause slow shutdown. I would disable them if you need it be. Try installing drivers for your monitor. The black screen you are talking is windows GUI resetting to your graphical changes(correct me if I am wrong). Its normal for it to do that


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Just so happens that I have the cd that came with my monitor right here.
That solves the driver problem. :)

Anyone have any ideas why I cant install any active x controls in IE SP2?

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