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IE and norton internet security



okay, i've had norton internet security 2003 for some time now and up until yesterday i started having problems with it. before i could surf the web with the firwall on but until last night, i have to turn my firewall off in order to surf the web. if i turn it on, all i get is a page can not be displayed error. does anybody know what i have to do to surf the web with the firewall on? thanks in advance!


High On Life!
use zone alarm, u could of reset the rights given to ie and btw u should leave the firewall on so u can get hit by the virus if u have xp that is
I had nothing but problems with NIS 2002. It worked great for a few months and one day it either blocked my connection or turned my broadband connection into dial-up performance. Symanctec was no help in solving this problem.

I now use Sygate Pro which does not have a negative impact on my internet connection.

You might try Symantec's "Help Site."


so if indeed the rights to ie were reset, how would i be able to assign those rights to them again? i went into the settings and checked that IE had 'permit all' or 'automatic'. it has automatic. are those the rights? once again, thanks in advance!

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