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[IE and Firefox (probably more browsers)] Scrolling question

I have seen this beheaviour in both IE 6.0 and FF 0.9.1. When you load a page, with a #blah at the end of the URL in IE, it scrolls automagically to the #blah part of the page, eventhough the page hasn't fully loaded yet (like images). In FF it waits until the page is fully loaded, before scrolling to the #blah part. In both browsers, if you scroll manually through the page, while the page is loading, and the page has loaded fully in the mean time, the browser quickly jumps to the #blah part, eventhough you may already have read it.
An example: Here on the OSNN board overview, if you click a thread title, it automagically loads the last page you have read and by putting a #postxxx (where xxx is a number) behind the URL, the browser knows it has to scroll to that part of the page. Sometimes, the page can not fully load quickly enough, because an image in a member's signature is not available or something. Especially in IE, it's very annoying when you are scrolled to that part of the page, you read it and scroll further, until the page has fully loaded and you are scrolled back to the #postxxx part again.
Does anyone know how to stop this? I hope I made myself clear, I don't know if I can explain it otherwise. What I want, is that the browser scrolls to that part, but cancels the process when I am scrolling myself, so I won't be redirected back to the #postxxx part I already read while tha page was loading. Is there an option in FF for this? Can this be solved in IE? Help? Cake? Want a cookie?


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Hmm... I don't know if you can stop that from happening. The #blah is specifying the point on the page where you linked to. You would have to delete that portion of the address to keep it from jumping there... I think. Sometimes if I'm scrolling and I know that it is getting ready to jump, I'll hit the stop button to keep it from doing so... I guess that's another option.

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I'd be kind of suprised if there was a way, because it seems to me that it would be like telling your browser to follow a link, but not all of the link. You would be saying "go to the page specified, but not to the point in the page specified." I'm not sure the browser can recognize that you are scrolling, but then again I definitely don't have all of the answers. I'm interested to see if someone knows of a way.
Well, this is not really a link, more like a 'go to that part of the page'. When I click a link, I want it to do that, but that is not always the case with the #blah thingies. I want to override it somehow.
the problem is that if you are allowed to override that then it reduces the point behind anchors, though I do understand the issue, maybe it should be somehow teamed with noticing if the page has been scrolled since hitting the anchor

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