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I (like many people apparently) am having a problem with IE6. When I boot into "safe" mode, it runs just fine. When I boot in "normal" mode, I can start IE, and the status bar actually says it found the site, and that it's downloading...but nothing ever appears. Obviously, there is some sort of conflict, but I don't know how to try and figure out where it is. Looking for any suggestions as to what to look at.

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As you say, it appears to be a conflict. So what you need to do is boot normally and make note of everything that is running (in Task Manager). If you see something unusual, try diabling it and rebooting. Otherwise, use the old tried & true tech support method of disabling one program or service at a time, rebooting, and running IE to see which one is the offender. It's time consuming, but it works.

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