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Identifying Intel Processors?


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How or where can I go on the web to identify what the processors are if all I know about a processor is (for example):
x86 Family 15 Model 1 Stepping 8

What I want to know is what kind of processors they are. Xeon? Celeron? Pentium 2? Pentium 3?
The above is just one example of the variety that I am trying to find out.



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I'm curious - you're buying a job lot or something? An E-bay item? I am presuming these are processors you are prospecting - not ones you have in your actual posession from your question, is that right? It might make a difference to how people can help answer....


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@Mainframe guy: Well, actually these are the servers on the network. Some of the machines don't report the CPU type in System Properties short of giving me what I listed above. I don't want to crack open the cases just to see what all the CPU's are (that may take a bit too much work with over 30 servers). So far I'm using Hyena to hit every server from my workstation and get the system properties.

@chastity: Thanks, I looked at that but I was hoping that there's a site where I can see a listing of the processors, short of installing the cpu program on every server (which I definitely can't and probably won't do).


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Thanks guys, but none of those tell me what kind of processor I'm dealing with if all I know is something like

Family 15 Model 1 Stepping 8

It's probably impossible to find a chart with it anyway. I've looked and looked but haven't found anything.

Thanks for all the effort!


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the problem is to get that something that will tell what processor that is you need to use something like wcpuid or some of the appz listed. Though you might be able to find it via google

Family 15 Model 1 Stepping 8 is a pentium 4 class cpu since I ran wcpid on my personnal system and got roughly the same information only difference is mine is a stepping 2

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