ICS gateway just poped out, grrrr how to remove it?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Skizoid, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. Skizoid

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    Had no problems till I updated firmware on linksys 4 port router. Have both machines connected to the router which in turn in connected to my dsl modem, but now under my network connections i have the "internet gateway" icon and remaking the network will not eliminate it. So to me it looks like the router is the "gateway" and by disabling it i cant access the internet from either machine. Can someone help me with disabling this ICS or should I revert to older firmware to reset the router to "old" ways?
  2. Terrahertz

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    Is it this firmware upgrade your talking about, 1.42.3, Jan 28 2002?
  3. Skizoid

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    Nope the newest one dated March, 1.42.6

    Something strange is going on since I can see network then few minutes its gone grrr, Pulling my hair out trying to reset everything back to old settings since that seemed to work ok. Also is there a way to nuke my old network settings?
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    THat is a new feature of the router's firmware. Go to the password tab of the Linksys' web config. Check disable next to uPnP Services

  5. Skizoid

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    Thanks, that was the problem. After I disabled that feature everything went back to the "old" settings. Thank you guys