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Windows xp pro corporate: I set up xp on a machine that was doing ICS for my small network using windows 2000 pro.

After installing and setting up ICS internet worked great. Games, explorer, everthing..... EXCEPT..... outlook and outlook express could not see the server.

Why? could not find a setting.....firewall was disabled.

Why would widws 2000 pro do this flawlessly and xp not.

Thanks for any help
sorry for the rushed post. My isp is comcast cable, and I am running 10 baseT. Just a hub.
outlook can't see your e-mail server? Are you running your own e-mail server? Or can O/OE just not connect to an external POP3 server? If neither Outllook or OE can connect I would say to triple check the configuration of the mail clients compared to the recommended setup by your mail provider. Don't forget it's also possible the mail server is down. You didn't mention how long this has been happening.

Can you get mail with O/OE on another machine with identical e-mail setup??
The e-mailservers are up, and the accounts are correct. The machine acting as ICS server can retrieve mail. Others (clients to ICS) cannot. The ICS server is a duaL BOOT MACHINE, AND WHEN i BOOT TO WIN2K, the clients can receive mail.

Not running a pop mail server.
Make sure you have the DNS servers on the clients set to the same ones on the 2k/xp machine. In a command prompt type "ipconfig /all" and inspect the two DNS servers, and do the same on the other machines. If they're different, set the DNS servers on the clients and reboot.
They were. The machines would not get out on the net if they di no get an ip from the DHCP. Is that what you mean?
Wait, I see the missunderstanding. There is only one ICS machine. It is a dual boot win2k/xppro. When I boot to win2k ICS works fine...I get e-mail on clients. When I boot to xp, I get the net in exporer and games, but no mail.

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