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ICS between two comps


Must be dreaming...
I want to set up an internet sharing between two computers, the host - an Pentium 3 667 with Windows XP - and the client - an AMD K6-2 300 with Windows 98. So far I was able to set up a working LAN between the two computers, but when it comes to trying to get internet sharing up, the client cannot access the web at all, while the host can. Is XP ICS compatible with Win98 ICS? If it is, can any shed some light on the situation? Any help would be great. Thanks.


Turn on ICS on the winXP machine, not the win98 machine. After setting up ICS on the winXP machine, change the win98 machine to obtain it's IP automatically. That should work :)


Must be dreaming...
It worked for a day, then something else went wrong. Now I "can" access the internet from the win98 machine using ICS, but now, I can't see the xp machine on the win98 machine (shared drives and printers) and visa versa. HELP! :(


Must be dreaming...
It seems that I have the main problem under control, but now I got this other problem where I can't see any computers on the network until I log onto the net with the gateway... Any ideas why? I want to use the network normally with and without logging onto the internet. I'm using ZoneAlarm as a firewall, and the others stats are above in my first post. Any hints or solutions are welcome. :)



you should set up zonealram to allow all traffic from the other machine, (via its IP) and make sure zonealarm knows its on an ICS "server"


ICS usually forces the host machine to have the IP address of
Normally the client machine should automatically receive a compliant IP address from the ICS host, but only in case the host is already running and listening... Apart form that ICS often messes up the shares between machines.
If you manually set the client to have a compliant IP address and subnet mask (ie: - along with as the gateway then you should work this out.
Note that if a windows client can't receive an IP address then it normally assings itself the address this would prevent network communications with ICS hosts running the class.
You can check IP configuration with the *ipconfig* command line tool.

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