ICS and ICF in XP Pro


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12 Dec 2001
Is the Internet Connection Sharing and Internet Connection Firewall a viable option as far as a proxy server and firewall are concerned? Is there a method for allowing dcc sends and chats thru while on IRC and for getting files also? I would also like to be able to use NetMeeting too. I am still kinda new to this part of XP...and help or documentation would be appreciated..:)
ICS/ICF is viable, but not always the greatest solution. If you have a box to be a server alone, try win2k server or .net server. If this isn't to solely be a server, xp will work but I would recommend using ZoneAlarmPro or another firewall software. If you install zonealarm, make sure you install it both on the gateway and the clients, as ZA will communicate between each and you can allow/deny access for the whole network with it. You can allow DCC etc, you just have to know which ports to open, and then open them. Netmeeting should work fine too, you'll just have to choose "allow program to act as server" or something, when it first tries to access the net. You'll figure it out pretty quickly, I think.
ok I understand the recommendation of ZoneAlarm for the firewall...but...will I still use ICS for sharing the connection? To the best of my knowledge...I thought Zone Alarm was just a firewall and not a proxy server as well.
ok...would this work? Use Zone Alarm as my firewall and then use the ICS in XP as my NAT/proxy software? What I want to do is have one machine have the modem hooked up to it and dial out and use my other workstation to do my chatting and surfing from. The machine with the modem would of course be running the firewall and NAT software.
Yep, that's exactly what I'd recommend. Your alternative option is to use a third-party gateway software like WinGate or something.
ok...I have ICS and ZoneAlarm Pro running on my XP box and have my 2000 box using it as a gateway to get out on the net. Am I supposed to install the firewall on both the gateway and client machine? I can receive files via DCC on mIRC fine but I can't send them. Is there something I have to do on the gateway machine where the firewall is running to allow this?...:(

ANY machine connected directly to the outside should have a firewall of some kind on it. With a firewall you your LAN pc, you run the risk of someone accessing your 2000 machine and dropping a virus on it.

Personally, I prefer a hardware solution myself.

Bottom line. If you're getting out, someone can get it. All depends on how good they are.
Well, to actually answer your question, ZoneAlarm can be insatalled on the gateway and the clients. You just must set them up so that the installation on the gateway is set to be a gateway and the installation on the clients are set to be clients. Then when you try to intiatiate a DCC connect or something, you should be prompted to allow/deny an application the first time it attempts to access the net. (You may have to set that option as well...)
well...the only machine that can connect to the outside or Internet in this case does have a firewall on it. The machine i am referencing is the XP Professional machine running Zone Alarm Pro and Internet Connection Sharing so the rest of my machines can get out to the internet. The main client machine is a 2000 Pro workstation that uses the XP box as its gateway to get to the internet. I just need to figure out how to be able to DCC Send files now from the client machines...:(

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