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I'm all ears
How do you stop ICQ from being displayed in the taskbar (not systray) ?

I used to only have it in the systray with the old one...:(

36155353 for anyone who wants it!


OSNN Godlike Veteran
Check to see what build it is, the latest is 3727. ICQ has changed since 2001a, you should be able to just 'x' and it will minimize if you're running build 3727. If not, update it :)


OSNN Godlike Veteran
I'm confused UniSol, help me understand what you're trying to do. When ICQ is minimized you don't want it in the systray or on the task bar?


I'm all ears
When ICQ is in full mode, (fits the screen on the right side) instead of just seeing the panel and an icon in the tray, with the new ICQ there is a statusbar for it too. I dont want the statusbar, just systray.


He means getting rid of the taskbar entry in the bottom.

Check the screenshot (of my pc) and you'll see i have squared the taskbar entry's. ICQ 2002 creates one of them when ICQ is opened (as it is on my pc in the screen shot). I use ICQ2001, which doesn;t do this...

I'm not sure how or even if you can get rid of the task bar entry, someone else might be able to help you. :)



OSNN Godlike Veteran
Heh, I'm still using 2001b also. With 2002a you can't ave mutli users stay online on seperate desktops like you can with 2001b.

Even if you minimize ICQ it shows in the taskbar? I thought they fixed that with the newest build?!?


I tried 2002 breifly, for like 3 minutes :)
then discovered the annoying task bar feature aswell :) was straight back to 2001 for me
would prefer 2000 but i love the contact list on icq server features of 2001+ :) since i use icq at college alot.

Plus, there didn't seem much difference between 01 and 02, so why bother upgrading

UniSol if you want ICQ 2001 then give me a shout and i'll get the build i use (the one before the last of 2001), the last one had a bug/feature taken out which stopped the little thing flashing in the tray saying that someone was online :-(

Pooh heads :)


I'm all ears
Read my last post about trillan...

The IRC in it is pants.
Is so unsecure to post passwords.
Buggy as hell.

Apart from that okish.


Yeah, I have tried using trillian but there are some bugs and lack of Features that just render it unusable. for a new user of IM programs its good, but for someone who has been using icq for x number of years, its a bit too basic :-(

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