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icq on different accounts



I was wondering about using icq with different user accounts in win xp pro. I installed icq using administrator account and is working fine in the account. When I changed accounts to a limited account, my icq don't work and I was told that it's because icq only registers in the current user that it was installed in. So I imported the registry root HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mirabilis\ICQ
of the admin account to the limited account and it seems to work for a while but it doesnt work anymore and just goes back to the original where the icq just wouldn't load up. Any solution to this problem?? I tried the icq help but their reply was that i should check the icq help webpage which doesn't have much about icq and winxp.
Also how do you cleanly uninstall icq? Is the normal uninstall using add/remove program in control panel clean enough or do I have to check the registry and if so where besides the current user registry root??


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Just uninstall icq (using the add/remove programs) and then reinstall under your user account. It should work fine then.

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