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ICQ 2002a


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There is a new version of ICQ available on the ICQ website. 2002a was put up there yesterday (3/25/02).


New Features for ICQ 2002a Beta:

New People Search: By Keyword or Free Text! - Allow users to perform almost a literal search (for example: female 18 Sweden Jazz Music entered in the Keyword search field will automatically return results for Females age 18-22 from Sweden who like Jazz Music). The Keyword search field will also support a limited free text search, with questions like: How can I find females from Sweden? Keyword search has been added to the Add/Invite Users dialog.

Add and Find Users Buttons
Now there are 2 easy ways to find friends and add them to your ICQ: Add will open the Add/Invite Users dialog, where you can search to see if your friends are on ICQ, add them to your ICQ & invite more friends to join you.
Find Users will open a detailed ICQ users directory search dialog, where you can search for new pals, lost family and old friends by interests, background, gender, age, location, language and more.

New! Quick Link from Message Window to User's Unified Messaging Center!
View a user's ICQ Unified Messaging Center, to see their personal details, photo and all the ways to contact them.

Message Design, New Smileys & Icons -
We've improved the message window design so that you can keep your settings even on incoming messages, and have more colorful ways to express yourself: Override users color & font settings. New emotions & newly designed smilies.

Email Signature -
With the new ICQ Email Signature you can enter additional details about yourself that will appear only on your signature, and will not be added to your general ICQ details.
You also now have real preview capability of the signature on an Explorer window.

Firewall Detection: Use ICQ at Work - ICQ now automatically detects your Internet Explorer proxy settings if you use the automatic configuration script.
This means that you can use your ICQ at the office, for better communication with your colleagues as well as with your friends & family.
For more on using ICQ at work go to http://www.icq.com/work/

Set Alert & Accept Sounds per User! - We've brought back the ability to set specific sounds for certain incoming messages & alerts per specific user.
You'll find it in your ICQ 2002a by clicking a user name in your Contact List -> Alert /Accept Modes -> under General Alerts -> Setup Personal User Sounds.

XP Integration -
Bug fixes to improve integration.
Enabling users to switch owners and keep their ICQ client running.

Better Spam Protection & More!
Smaller download size.
Keep your connection - ICQ automatically detects your net connection whether in modem or LAN. Improved spam protection, easier to set your security & privacy protection.
Easy access to invite new friends to ICQ.


Thanks -

it is pretty good this new one :)

The message window is tons better now , one thing with ICQ it gets better each upgrade

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