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icons as default

what else can i say?

teh default view, now ive reinstalled xp, is that all the icons in folders are in 'tile' form. is it possible, instead of going through every folder and selecting 'icons' in the 'view' menu, can you just set them as default in ALL folders at once, perhaps through some menu or by altering the registry?


Make the folders look the way you want. then go to Tools > Folder Options > View tab > click Apply to All Folders ...


.:: FTPAlex ::.
sometimes when i change the way the folder is viewed, when i next go back to it, it goes back to thumbnail view or something when i previously applied it to view as something else. Is there anyway i can help it keep its memory for some folders?

I want some folders to stay as order in modified date order.. but some of the folders just keep forgetting and just put it in name order or something

Anyway i can get it to remember?

Thanks for his help and time

Alex :cool:

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