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I think this was posted once, a while back.

But I was wondering, if there is a way, how can I remove the text of my icons on the desktop.

I know which icon goes to where, I really don't need it to tell me it the recycle bin, or the giant "E" is Internet Explorer.

So is there a way to have the Icon not have text under it.


Right click on the icon and go to rename..... delete the text and hey presto no text.. There is probably another way of doing it but cant thing of it at the mo. This will work for most icons although you will have to put a space in for it to get over the instant revert back to the previouse name.

hmm, tried that but eventhough i put in a space, the default name just appears when i hit enter.any other way to eliminate the icon text on the desktop??
instead of a space hold down alt and type 0160
Ahh... cheerz Khayman!!

I've bin tryin 2 figure dat out 4 ages!!

now my life is complete!!??!!
hmm,just tried that alt+0160, but i can just rename one icon.the name is already taken when i try another one...any way around this?

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