Icon redraw after playing mame games is redraw and not cache

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by chuckkay, Feb 17, 2002.

  1. chuckkay

    chuckkay Guest

    After playing any games in Win xp, XP must redraw all icons and not use the cached icons, Win 98 never did this. Please help!
  2. max

    max Guest

    I dont understand what you mean ?
  3. TICK

    TICK Guest

    I think he means when he comes out of a game back to his desktop. It takes XP 15 seconds to get the desktop back in order.

    I have the same problem and havent found a fix.
  4. DrX

    DrX Guest

    is that to do with monitor refresh rate ?

    I bumped my refresh rate up to 85mhz and i dont seem to get that problem
  5. chuckkay

    chuckkay Guest

    For example, when I go to control panel, the icons draw one at a time until all are done. For some reason the icon cache is released when I play games. Normally, the icons appear instantly. I have increased the icon cache in the registry but it does not help.
  6. waddy

    waddy OSNN Senior Addict

    Note : oops didnt see your above post , anyway the patch is here for anyone else needing it :)

    Maybe your icon cache is too small. This patch will expand it.

    Just unzip this reg file right click on it and choose merge .. reboot