Icon probrems, how hard couild it be?



Well I am plagued by the same problem in XP as I was with win 98 and ME, I just thought XP would actualy be able to deal with it, I guess not.

I have a specific I con arangment for myself which I arrived at form years of experince. This arangment is not regular in any way so any kind of windows sort would destroy it completely. The problem is that if some program lowers the resolution when it runs or I do, then my icons get rearanged to fit the new resolution, but when I go to y normal resolution, (1024x768) my Icons stay in the order of lower resolution. I alwasy store a print-screen picture of my desctop just so i know were the icons are but it is very tedeous to have to rearange them. So I would definetly like to know how force windows XP to use my specific Icon arangment as default. I can lock the desktop but that is not good as i want to be able to change it if necessary and be able to restore my view. Sometimes in ME I could just restore the registly and it would restore my icons but not in XP.

A much biger problem arizes in XP with multiple users as the main upgrade account keeps the Icon order but all new accounts including the administrator have the windows aranged Icons and it takes a long time to rearange them manualy on every account I have or will create.

BASICALY I want to be able to set up a default Icon arangment of my main user account and extend it any and all current and future user accounts as the default and then that user can change it as they please.
Please help, as this is very important to me.

Thank You


Plese send me the layout file, and if possible a link to the IconLock program. XP is killing me. The hide taskbar option stopped working and when I dissabled hide taskbar and then enabled it, whindows rearanged my icons. And Win 98/ME were smart enough to actualy move only the icons that weere in the way, but XP is extra stupid it moved every icon I had except for MY computer and My documents which remained in place. I took me nearly half an hour and alot of frustration to put everything back the way I want it. I'll do nearly anything for a quick fix. My e-mail address is elkin@uiuc.edu.

And, does anybody know how to disable the ability of windows to rearange my icons EVER. I want the icons to be locked for windows under ALL conditions, windows can add icons but not move the ones that are already there. There has to some seting for this. And I want to be able to move the icons if I want to but windows may not for ANY reason.



In case you are wondering, I am using icon lock from ZDnet like you suggested but it is not all that efective but it still works. I have to restore 6 times to restore the all the icon positions from siply unhidng the task bar and hiding it aggain. An even when I lock the desktop and then unhide the taskbar the icons are again improperly arranged but when the desktop os locked I cannof restore the desktop so locking it realy only stops me from restoring the icons but windows is still free to rearange them when the resolution or the screen slpace changes. And none of the options of Iconlock could prevent that.


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