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icon on destop

I used to have an application on Win98 for synching with my Psion,I removed it after upgrading to XP but I still have an icon on desktop called"My Psion",I think this is the name I gave to it when I originally set up the task.Any one got any ideas how to remove it?When I right click on it there is no option to delete it.
Cheers and Happy New Year.


Is the program in Add/remove programs in control panel ?

if not you should just be able to left click on it and press delete ont he keyboard ...

is that what you meant ?


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Thanks for the reply chaps,the program is not not in the add/remove section,I have tried dragging to recycle bin,will not have it,also tried left click and delete on keyboard,this does not work either.In my original post I said that when I right click the icon there is no option to delete,this is correct,a menu pops up asking if I want to connect,open,explore,synchronize,back up,disconnect,restore,install new program.Under that lot is create shortcut and rename,then lastly under that is properties.I hope this makes things clearer,and look forward to your replies.
Open Windows Explorer and navigate to Documents and Settings\User_name_you're_logged_in_under\Desktop, and try to delete it there. If that doesn't work, log in as administrator and try the same thing - going to that user account's desktop folder.


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Lonman,tried what you suggested,still cant remove the icon,stubborn little git,one other clue is that in win explorer it is in or comes under system folder,any more ideas?


not sure if this will work, u can search the registry for
"Psion" and if it finds anything see if u can edit it to allow u to delete it, or maybe u can delete the registry entries and then delete the desktop icon, i did that when coreldraw wouldn't uninstall, and it worked fine
uh oh, system folder eh? Reinstall the program and then go through the uninstall, hopefully that will correct it. If not, the only thing I can think of is a clean installation of XP. I'm sure there are registry hacks but i'm not the get to take you there. Go with wassup_ken's suggestion and see what you find. It might be as easy as that. You can try a registry cleaning program too, but be damn careful... a lot of the registry cleaning apps out there are crashing XP... get one that will let you view what it brings up and make selective deletions... don't do an "en masse" deletion unless you know what you're deleting.


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Success!Re-installed program,then uninstalled via Add/Remove utility in XP and the little blighter has gone.Cheers Lads,brilliant.

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