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Hi everyone :)

I'm trying to change some icons (desktop, start menu, my computer, etc) and want a decent program for doing so. I've got one called Iphile (a freebie one) but it doesn't always make the icons stick. Sometimes they will revert to the default XP ones :(

What I would like is some advice on which programs are the best to use, preferably free ones but please list any paid ones that you use and are happy with :)

If it helps, I'm using Windows XP Home with Service Pack 1 installed.

Thanks a lot :)


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Well you could always edit the shell32.dll, but if u get lazy like me. I'm using IconWorkshop! I'll find the link later, I'm at school right now!


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PsuedoKiller, apologies for posting in the wrong board :)

I've downloaded IconWorkshop and as far as I can see, it's only for creating icons :( What I really need is a program that just let's me change, for example, the Control Panel icon from the standard XP one to one from a set I've downloaded. Not sure if Icon Workshop does this but I can't see it if it does :rolleyes:

I'm interested in this hacking of shell32.dll though. Will it allow me to do what I want?

Thanks again :)


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Stu said:
I'm interested in this hacking of shell32.dll though. Will it allow me to do what I want?
It's not hacking, only creativelly manipulating! Yes it should allow you to, shell32.dll is where all of the default windows icons are stored.


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Thanks for that rushm001 :) Are there any tutorials on how to hack the shell32.dll file other than the one o_87 is planning on doing? :)


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I'm not sure whether it's a problem with Iphile or a problem with the icon cache but the icons seem not to be staying as I put them. It may have something to do with the fact that I installed a program yesterday (can't for the life of me think what it was) that changed icons and I set everything to be Windows Defaults then used Iphile to change the default icons to the customised ones I wanted.

Is there any way I can sort this out?


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I believe it was possible under earlier versions of windows to get a screen grab of the icon you wanted and then use windows paint to edit it. May well still be possible under windows XP.

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