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5 Dec 2001
On my Mac OS X when I download files with CyberDuck, and they don't finish and it has to complete downloading them by resuming, the icon does not change to the appropriate program to open it with, although for example, it will open with Quicktime but show the CyberDuck icon.

How can I force Mac OS X to refresh the icons to that it shows the appropriate one?


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27 Dec 2001
I don't know. I've noticed that the Finder in OS X (Tiger at least) doesn't do a good job of refreshing icons or their description. For example, if I drop some files into a folder, it doesn't refresh the number of items in the folder until I click on it. I have my HD icon on the desktop set to show the HD size and free space. It doesn't update until I log out and back in, so I have to Get Info on the HD icon to see how much space I really have left. Not sure if these things are related, but I'd like to see it handled better in Leopard.


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18 Mar 2002
select file, Apple+I and reset the "Open With" application and probably "change all" as well. don't really know though, I've never had this problem, never used cyberduck either

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