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iBUYPOWER.com rep???


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So I am thinking I need a new system due to:
My current desktop's video card died... after putting in the old one, I turn the system on to find out the hard drive died >_>
I've only had this system for 2 and a half years...

So seeing as they seem to have decent prices for custom systems, I wanna know what everyone's thoughts were from iBUYPOWER.com

American Zombie

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If you are not going to build the system yourself I think you may get a better system to price ratio from Dell.

Especially right now because of the economy.

If you are set with this seller then here are reviews.


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Alright, so I looked at the reviews from iBUYPOWER (thanks Zombie)...
I noticed that many of the reviews were 07 and lower. So I figured that I was about to brush it off until I found the 09 reviews... all 4 of them. I noticed that they were anywhere between horrible customoer support to faulty equipment (even 1 noting that there was USB issues.
What surprises me is that there is a low price difference between them and Dell.
So I looked into Dell further and found that my price would be $1717 (not sure with shipping). Before I finished looking into Dell, I found it was $1680 with shipping and handdling ($60 ground, $1700 normally, but reduced due to a sale).
My only thought was I had heard that usually Dell's have lower than norm Power supplies and its a pain if you want to add/replace anything in a Dell. At least Dell will let me get a TV Tuner.

Dell would possibly be affordable as long as I go by the monthly payment.

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