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iBox Apple Clone



Article over at Technews has more details about the upcoming iBox clone you may have already heard about.

Finally it looks like I'll be able to get a cheap box to run Mac OSX on, but not from Apple! John Fraser is (sort of) getting into the clone business 5 years after Apple shut down their 3 year long 'experiment' in licensing the hardware. Based on off the shelf apple components in a custom pizza box style case with no bolted on display, a barebones 'iBox' will be around 300 USD and require a processor, disk and memory (and the OS). Complete systems (again, without the OS) should start at around 650 USD.

What does the iBox include you may ask?

G4 466-1330Mhz (Dual Capable)
128MB-2048MB PC100 Memory
1000base-t Ethernet (10 and 100 also)
AGP Slot for AGP Video
Support for ADC Monitors and Video Cards
2 PCI slots
Airport Slot for 11mbps 802.11b
USB 1.1 (2 Ports)
Firewire 400 (2 ports)

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I may actually be insane.
Looks cool! I want one :D
Apple will probably take it to court though, they're *****es when it comes to people copying them.

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