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IBM Netvista A40 6578 question

I'm using BIOS version PIKT36aUK on this mobo (the latest) and there are a few options in it that puzzle me... but the one that does the most is "PCI Parity". Options are 'enabled' and 'disabled'. I've no idea what this is... was kinda hoping someone had some sort of idea what it means and whether I should have it enabled or disabled. I dont notice any performance gain with it on or off...

Thanks in advance.


hardware monkey
turning parity on usually means slower performance in trade with utmost stability. after every 8 bits of data, the 9th bit is reserved for parity, telling whether all 8 bits made it or not. after the 9th bit the next byte (8 bits) is started. with parity off, that 9th bit isn't used for parity and is the beginning of the next byte, instead.

i've never heard of this in relation to the pci interface. only heard of it in reference to memory (ecc). i would probably leave it off because i doubt it's a supported feature with a vast majority of pci cards anyway. like i said, i've never heard of it regarding pci cards/slots before.

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