I would like to request a moment of silence. 911 turns three ...

You know what sticks in my mind? The image's of Father Mychal's body being carried by 5 fireman after dying in one of the towers.
To this day I can't bear to see that :(
Yes his death certificate was 0001 I have the film made by the fireman , the one about the rookie and his first fire, its something to see they have the camera rolling when the tower came down, they were inside. :(
I was actually doing some remote programing of a Prologics telephone system on the 79th floor of WTC building 1, when in the middle of things i lost my connection. Needless to say I was a little upset as I had just lost about 30mins of programing work. But I couldn't reconnect, so I figured I would watch a little t.v. and try in a few mins. That is when I saw the news that the first plane had hit the WTC and my jaw just hit the floor.

I called my boss in CO and told him to turn on any news station. I also remember asking him if we had any install or tech crews in the area. Luckly, we didn't, the install crew was already at the airport when my cellphone rang, it was the install crew telling me what happened and that all flights were cancled and asking me what they wanted me to do. I remember telling them they were not going anywhere for a while, to get a hotel room and wait.

My boss eventually had them drive a rental car all the way to Columbus OH, to get a flight to take them home.
I was at work and one of my coworkers and I heard about a plane hitting one of the towers. Work pretty much stopped and most of the building was crowded into the few rooms with tv's for the better part of the day. Very somber. I was coaching Jr. Football at the time. We decided not to call off practice so as not to shake up the children any more than they were. Tried to keep somewhat a sense of normalcy for their benefit. I don't think it helped much. It was just very eerie, very quiet that evening.
I was fearful for my relatives, some of whom worked at WTC at one time or another. Luckily, at least for my family, the only one still working there was off that day. The other 2 worked two blocks away in either direction. I was at WTC quite a bit whenever we went to NYC to visit my relatives. I love NYC, born in Queens myself. My father worked for one of the companies contracted to to the electrical work when the WTC was built. I brought my kids there a few times, but never made it to WTC. Unfortunately, they'll never get to see those magnificent examples of engineering. And I'll never forget that. :(


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Strangely I remember that it was a crystal clear day with no clouds in the sky, seems like there was no wind, nothing but stillness. I was at work with the wireless on when the first reports began to filter through. Switched on the portable TV (which we are not supposed to have). It was like a dream, still is as I watched the first tower collapse, people running everywhere with dust and debris panning out along the street, could not believe how almost vertically the building went down. I thought at this time that this cannot be right; something’s wrong and then watched the video reports from a bystander? Which showed one aircraft hitting the tower about three quarters of the way up I thought no this is some sort of error with the plane or its guidance system. Then another plane hit the other building and I thought “nothing” it just did not register. It still has not; it’s all a dream isn’t it?
Was walkin to Mates House from 6th Form Crappy Wearther, Spitin, Cold, Kinda Dark, Got there His Sister said some News thing was on but didnt know what it was just some Plane Crashed in to a Buliding, Went to Town

Cant member how i found out what Happend propley

But can member the Day like it was Yesterday
I will always remember that day. There is one simple reason, i was going to have a blast of a time that day until it happened. Reason being, it was and still is my dads birthday on 9/11.

I just went to school normally, and even after the towers came down we were held in school. They refused to tell us what was going on, as teachers did not want parents mad at them for mabey explaining it to gruesom. Once i get home my dad is there with 3 of his best friends watching TV. Now, watching TV is strictly forbidden during the weekdays, so yeah, it had to be important. And really, it was. We did not know what to expect when we got home, but after that i was glued to the TV.

That day we did kind of celebrate my dads birthday, but it was not as planned.
I don't recall the morning much, aside from getting up around 5 AM and going out onto my roof to watch the sunrise and to eat something, too stuffy indoors. Was a brilliant blue sky without a cloud in sight, and on such a clear day you can see Manhattan from where I live in Brooklyn very cleary...here's a shot from the window taken on a muggy day:


So you can imagine that on a clear day it's a very, very vivid picture. Sometime during the reading of John Locke's " An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. " in class we began to hear sirens, Ambulance, Cop, Firetruck, which was a bit strange, but having the windows closed and the shades drawn, no one saw much and assumed it was the usual; a siren is a common thing to common in NYC.

Sometime later, the teacher got a call on his walkie-talkie, and we literally watched him go to the window, go back to his desk, and literally put his face in his hands. At which moment someone noted where you could usually see Manhattan, there was a giant black cloud which was moving in our direction and as it moved, whatever was therebefore seemed to be covered by it completely; just pushed out of sight. All that there was was a thick and almost overpowering smell of burning tile and rubber, a smell as if of burnt syrup heavy in the air.

At that point something started to click and people got scared and the professor said something along the lines of " I can't teach anymore - but you'll find out for yourself soon " A girl started crying - as if she knew before anyone told her: she lost her mother and father that day. Both were working in the first tower.

I remember leaving the classroom and walking home, opening the door to dash to the windows, shut them, and turn on all the ACs since it really stank and there was white dust floating in the air. Sitting next to the TV, slumped in a corner, just watching the " minutes ago " footage of the first tower collapsing was a freezing, paralyzing feeling. After the second one came down, watching the footage over and over again was just drawing a blank from me - all this was happening 25 minutes by bus away, and there was just nothing that could be done...the rest of the day was an empty, hollow blur.
Do i remember you ask?

I was/worked a few blocks from the WTC towers, and what i remember most is not even the towers comming down, as i simply ran my ass off uptown as i could (a few of my friends and co-workers though it should be safer to head to the west side away from midtown, broadway, empire state, which would be likely targets for the next attack).

What stayed with me, is the following hours...NYC is a loud city, too loud at times, and always moving, people cars, torist, etc....but on that day, the city was quiet...all you could hear were cirens comming i would gess from the towers and emergency vehicles in the area, but that was all...people didnt talk, cars were no were to be seen, and for the first time in my life, i saw the city that never stops, the city that never sleeps, the city that never dies, almost dead.

People were not walking the streets any more...it was earrie...

The next thing was the confusion that followed...my cell stoped working (towers were supper busy), so i could get any info on what was going on, and even if i would by stoping at some bar and check the teli, all they had was mis-information. They had around four more arplains lost, and thought to be heading to NYC (cant tell how scarry that was). Mas confusion i tell ya.

The next thing was getting out of the city...i have had enough by early morning and all i wanted to do was get out of the city ASAP!, but no, when i got to grand centrall (train station), what is it that i find? a damm bomb threat which closed the station and with it, my hopes of heading home any time soon.....

bleh...tired of writing bout this already.....so much more to say, yet it makes me too sad/angry to continue...
Gracie Lyons said:
At that point something started to click and people got scared and the professor said something along the lines of " I can't teach anymore - but you'll find out for yourself soon " A girl started crying - as if she knew before anyone told her: she lost her mother and father that day. Both were working in the first tower.
omg .. I just got goose bumps :(

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