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I would like to request a moment of silence. 911 turns three ...


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Today makes three years since 911. I am requesting a moment of silence to honor the men and woman. Members of Civilian, Fire Stations, and Police Stations. We all know what happen this day, it made a huge impact on the whole world.

The brave men and women who sacraficed their lives and the 3,000 people who died that day must not be forgotten.

God Speed to all of them ... :(

Can you remember what you were doing that Tuesday ?? and where ?? I can remember everything from the time I got up till the time I went to bed. It affected me just as much as anyone else. So please don't forget the people who were in the buildings when they came down, the families of the ones who died, the men and women of the Fire Departments and Police Stations who risked their lives and died in the attempt to free people.

To see the list of people killed by state or over seas go here: http://tcotrel.tripod.com/911dead.html

** Note: Please do not make this political ..


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I was working @ my university when the first report came in... one of my co-workers daughters was working in the WTC and she was almost in tears so my boss brought out a television set...

thats when we saw the second plane crash into the WTC and knew it was something else...

reports then started coming in about an attack and naturally university for the rest of the day was cancelled because of security concerns... I worked @ the main entrance to the uni which doubled as a welcome center and was there the rest of the school day helping people leave the facility and informing visitors of what had happened and why the university was closed...

got home... called my parents and told them all was fine... they had been trying to reach me but i didn't have a cell phone @ the time... found out that one of our family friends son's was in one of the buildings and we would later find out he had passed away...

in hindsight i can remember a lot about that day but when I just think back... the strongest memory I have is just a feeling of emptiness... not numbness or shock but just emptiness as I watched things unfold on the television set...

we all have goals... some choose the most cowardly and barbaric means to achieve them...

r.i.p. all victims of 9/11...
I was chatting on IRC while getting ready for a job interview that was at 2pm UK time that day.

I remember being told "dude a plane just flew into the wtc" to which most of us in the channel laughed - no-one would do that unless there was a mechanical fault. Then came the comment "holy **** another one flew into the other tower". At which point I fired up IE and headed to cnn.com which was inaccessable.

I pulled on my trousers and went downstairs telling my brother to turn on sky news and I watched in horror while buttoning up my shirt.

Then 20 minutes later I watched the towers cave in. I just dropped to the floot at that point. I told my brother to call my mom who was at an art class and to say this: "The world trade centre doesnt exist. Its just collapsed. Two jets flew into it". Her art class was cancelled and she came home.

I went to my job interview as agreed. I didnt feel anything at the time besides shock and awe.

2 days later after getting the job I was reading the centrefold of a newspaper with small quotes from 911 call centre tapes. It took all of my self control to not start crying.

Everytime now I see footage of the collapse I get a horrid cold chill down my spine and a lump in my throat.

Remembering these details again has brought a lump to my throat.

Right now the thought just crossed mind "why dont we loose a few nukes over that way??"

I remember the day very clearly. I was walking to school in the morning (junior year of high school), and it was just a month since we had moved to the U.S.

As I was walking up, I met my neighbor who also went to the same school I did. He hurried towards me and asked me if I knew what had happened. I had no idea, and when he told me, I couldn't believe it for the first few minutes. I wanted to turn back and go home to watch the news on TV, but I had almost reached by then. So we went to class, and our U.S. History teacher had already turned the TV on. That was pretty much what happened during most of the day. Nobody was in the frame of mind to either teach or learn. We just watched the news in every class.
Was a frightening experience, and being in a new environment, it was all the more discomforting. =\

May all the victims rest in peace, and God bless their families and friends.

Perris Calderon

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I published this immediatly after the attack...it moves me still, as I knew it would even as I put pen to paper

the day in the middle of September ;

These are now the new days of the rest of out lives

We, from here forward, must join our brothers, and our sisters, around the world, in everyday anticipation, at what might happen, to those that we love, or care about, on this day, or tomorrow, or the next day.

Yes...I remember the day that Kennedy died...
And I remember the day that Martin Luther died...
And I remember all the days that loved ones...died

But this day...the day in the middle of September, will live in the marrow of my soul, all the waking, and sleeping moments, for the rest of my time.



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I too remember that day well. I was in a hotel room as I had come to Canada about 2 and a half weeks prior to 9/11. I was getting ready for school putting on my clothes while turning on the television. I remember seeing reports of a plane crashing into the WTC. I naturally thought it was some accident and I also thought it was a small airplance, never imagined a 747.

Then when the second one crashed in to the WTC, I knew the world would never be the same again. Like most of the students here, there was no actual teaching at school that day and we watched the TV. I was actually in my Social Studies class as I watched the WTC collapse when it actually happened. It was rather discomforting to realise that I had just seen thousands of people die that an instant.

All I did that day was watch CNN and feel sadness for the victims of 9/11. May they rest in peace.


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I will absolutley never forget that morning, it was kinda late and I had slept in, I was still in college and just came home, and didn't have class until evening. I woke up to the normal Tuesday emergency Broadcast System at 10:30 AM, but noticed the TV, then looked and seen my mother crying. It was a quite powerful moment. She looked at me and said "I don't know whats going on?" and she was in full tears. Very powerful moment, I don't think anyone, atleast anyone who feels for this country, could properly express the disdain they felt. I know it was definitely a very emotional time, for any American, and for anyone Globally who cares about the welfare of our citizens. Personally, I think it was one of the best times for America ironically, we were not polarized, we were not Black, Hispanic, Women, or Men, Democrats, Republicans, we were a complete nation. I personally find that hard to type. I remember frantically trying to get a hold of one of my friends who had recently moved to New York, one who had worked in tower 1. I couldn't, I had called friends I hadn't spoke to in years, and we were frantic. Eventually learned he was going in late that day and didn't make it to work. For some people tragic events bring on religion, and a deeper faith and understanding, but I couldn't help but think of this quote I heard years before about D-Day, it was a very aging soldier and he said "I am not a religious man, but I was never more sure that there was no God" as he stormed the beaches of Normandy. I am rambling, but probably more the emotion, than the alcohol. Never forget. Absolutely never forget. Forgive; Yes, but never forget.


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That day is very clear in my head. I got up around 7:00 and went to college. I was getting ready to start my labor and industrial relations class when the dean came into the class and asked us all to go to the auditorium. When we got there the tv was already on, as soon as I saw what happen my heart dropped and I started to shed tears. I felt so bad for all those people that were there. The thing that mad me feel the worst was that I knew I couldn't do anything at the time to try and help them.

After watching it for a about an hour. We all joined hands had a prayer and they let us go home. I went home and watched it for the next three days straight. I also remember very well the plane crashing in Pennsylvania. It went down 40 miles from my house. I have a relative who lives less than two miles from where it went down. SO that hit me pretty good also ..

This is deff a day I will never forget. It is in history as the worst day on American soil. I wrote a letter to my local congressman requesting that there be a holiday of some sort to honor the people who gave their lives that day. He replied saying that they are pushing something like it through, so maybe we will see something ...


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wow it's crazy how things happen and the just get burned into your minds...

I'm coming back from my first class of the day which started at 730 AM CST(Illinois)(my junior year in college) and I walked into the house I was sharing and my roommate is like something horrible happened and I'm like did you break your xbox? (cause he just got one) and he's like no a plane accidentally crashed into the world trade center...at this point we didn't know it was deliberate and I was feeling awful cause something so horrible happened and I was worried about the xbox...then the events started to unfold and my life was never the same...

I guess the life lesson I learned was how sheltered the US has been from actual danger happening on our own land...everything that has happened has taken place overseas or in the oceans and most people in the US have never had to live through something so horrible so close to home...

I realized how lucky a life I lived when the worst of my worries was him breaking his xbox and then realizing from now on I had more important things to worry about


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I was at work, just myself and another co-worker. 06:30 or so she receives a phone call that a plane has just flown into the WTC building. Internet was our only source to find out what was happening but the net was jammed. All our other co-workers called in late so they could watch the events on TV. It was a few days later when I finally had time to sit down and watch what had happened.

I have a friend who worked in the WTC and a friends dad who works in the Pentagon, it was a nerve racking week or so before I heard good news about both.
Still kinda creaps me out ... I punched out at 9:11pm the night before (eek 911 I thought). I woke up to crazy stuff on the TV and radio and glanced at my watch. It was 911 (sept 11th)!! I went to work that day and once again punched out at 9:11.


What bothers me about this 9/11 thing is we have a bunch of Muslims in the UK that hold a meeting on September 11th to remember the homicide/suicide plane terrorists that crashed the planes. Make what you want of it, it makes me sick. They did it last year and again today.

See for yourselves here.

Shamus MacNoob

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Yes very tough to fully be able to understand all that hatred, Its such a complex topic.

Peace and Love should be the goals for all, But we dont live in that kind of world, we have always lived in a world full of hatred and murder. Its very sad.


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I believe Johnny asked that this not become a political thread ... So if I see anymore political posts, I'll delete them.

This thread is in rememberance of those who died on 9/11, not for you to voice your thoughts or beliefs on a specific culture/religion for doing it.


Sept 11, 2001 - I came home from work that morning, turned on the TV and starting sipping my cup of tea and was flipping thru the news stations when the story on the first plane hit the air. As I sat there thinking about what a horrible accident it was - I began wondering how an accident as such could happen - that is when I spotted the second airplane and watched it hit the second tower! My heart came up into my throat and I told my wife - it's got to be terrorists!! Of course things only got worse as the day wore on and the plane crashed in PA and the Pentagon was hit!

I have had the crying eagle gif Johnny posted as my wallpaper ever since I found it shortly after that sad day and it will probably remain as my wallpaper for a very long time to come.

I will never forget!!!

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