i was wondering


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you just have to submit an application m8...

on the front page check out the contact us botton... you can then pm the person in charge..

We are also looking for commited news posters to help us keep everything up to date, please use the "contact us" module if you are interested - Electronic Punk


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Most of our news posters got their status by submitting many worthy news articles and they were then asked by the admins if they would like the responsibility of becoming a news poster.

(edit) Sazar beat me to it. :D


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post A LOT of news via the submitt news button ;) if your any good then i bet they'd love you on board



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You can be bias enough to post news on 2 tech sites and not favor one over the other? Start an arguement, again? Take it to PM and tell me when I first started one :confused:


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Help out members whenever possible ... When a new mod is needed the team throws out names of members they see helping a lot then it's put to a vote.

[e]-Punk is good for surprising the new mod ... he doesn't ask just makes them a mod ... we wait a few hours, sometimes days waiting for them to notice then can see a new section :p


I may actually be insane.
First rule: Don't ask. ;)

Seriously though, moderators are chosen when we need a position filled basically. If that situation arises, we let all the mods/smods/admins make suggestions of who we think worthy, and then pick someone. Obviously only dedicated members who have genuinely helped around here get suggested. There is no way of guaranteeing being picked to become a moderator other than to participate in the community :)

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