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I want to make a CD-R copy of my HD



I'm running Win XP home on my Dell laptop which has a CD-R. I also have NSW 2002, which has Norton Ghost on it.

Right now my system is running perfect, and I'd like to make a copy of it on CD-R's so if anything ever goes wrong in the future, I can easily just reinstall everything straight from a few CD-R's. I guess this means that I need the CD-R's to be bootable?

I've tried running NSW Ghost in the past, and I keep getting errors messages when it is about to write to my CD-R after I reboot my computer.

How can I go about doing this? Are there any free programs on the net that can do this?


Originally posted by gustav64
What kind of error msg's?

Have you tried the system restore function in xp?
What would system restore have to do with a Ghost error message?


Originally posted by allan
What would system restore have to do with a Ghost error message?

But he said he had a system running perfectly well. And then I thougt it was a good idea to make a system restore point.


Gustav, don't restore points sometimes get deleted when the max amount of dedicated space is used? I'd also like something more permanent, in case of a HD failure.

I'm going to try again to make another copy of my HD using Ghost and see how it goes.

The error message in Ghost I believe was regarding my CD-RW drive. Something about it not being able to write discs, even though Ghost identified it as being a CD-RW drive, and I'm able to write discs in Windows. I'll try again and take note of what the message says.


OK, here's a description of the problem from my memory.

I make a boot disc, I reboot, go into PC DOS. As some of the drivers, or files (whatever is on the floppy) load, I get a few error messages, about API2, 4, 8, etc being unable to install. Sorry, but I forget the actual name of the file.

Then, the Ghost wizard in PC DOS loads. I select to make an image from my drive, and select to copy it to the CD-R drive. At this point I insert a blank disc into the drive, and then I select High Compression (instead of Fast, or None).

Then, the floppy drive starts chugging a bit, then stops, and my CD-R drive whirs up a bit. Then, after about 30 seconds a message pops up saying that the disc in the drive is not blank, and that if it is a CD-RW, that it should be erased. Any problems, contact....blah blah.

I click "OK" and I go back to the black dos screen. I reboot and try again, this time selecting No Compression, I get the same error message.

I'm suspecting that Ghost is having a problem communicating with my CD-RW drive in DOS or something, though it does recognize it as being a CD-RW drive. Could this be due to the error in loading the files at the beginning, and if so, how do I get these files to load?

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Only thing I can think of is to try & clean the disk with a cleaning kit from cd shops & try again. Maybe even give the laser a clean.

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