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I want just the audio from a file.....


Stranger Than Fiction
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Normally I'd used VirtualDub and save the uncompressed wav but it tells me on this particular file that "no audio decompressor could be found to decompress the source audio". So I have to save a compressed (crappy) copy. What other progs are out there that can copy just the source audio?


Act your wage.
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If VirtualDub cannot find the right decompressor, then I don't think that using a different program would make any difference. What you need is to find the necessary decompressor and then install it. I thought VirtualDub usually told you what was required, did it not do that in this case?

As for other programs to rip audio, VirtualDub is the only free one that I've used. I know of a couple of others but they aren't free.


The Analog Kid
If you can't find the correct codec (you should be able to), a quick and dirty solution is to just play the file back and record with recording software.


Stranger Than Fiction
Political User
I had a feeling thats what you would tell me ... sigh! The file in question is an XVID of Eddie Izzard .. I want to make a VCD out of it but I gotta get the audio extracted first, the audio uses AC3 as its codec if that helps diagnose the problem.

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