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i tunes users Q

I have a question for I tunes users-when using wmp there was an option to import albums directly from my library to a playlist.Is there anything comparable when trying to do the same in I tunes?
Not sure if I understand your question correctly. Do you want to create a playlist of specific songs in your music library?
If so, just select the ones you want from the library, and drag them to the left side pane. A new playlist will be created and you can rename it to whatever you like.
i have several complete albums that i recorded using wmp & in xp there is an option on the left-click drop-down menu that would say-(add to play list) & still is.I have a different question also,when i buy a new CD-what happens when i put in for the first time & i want to record it? using i tunes?

new user of i tunes,please forgive my menial questions
I'm trying to figure out things- i used wmp for many years ,using i tunes things are different.


To answer the question... yes. Simply create a playlist and add tracks to it. Or, if you want, you can create intellegent playlists that will play tracks based on whatever information you put into it.


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Using iTunes, the software will automatically download the CD information when you put a CD in your drive. You can "Import" (Rip) the songs to your hard disk in whatever format you specify in iTunes' settings. It works much like WMP.

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