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I totally screwed up my system! HELP!


"Anything for $50!"
Allright so I'm dumb. Failed overclocking experiment.

I have an 700 mhz classic Athalon T-bird (the big fat ones) running on an ASUS K7V. I upped the cpu frequency from 100 to 130 and restarted the comp. Black screen. Nothing. Sometimes when I reboot I get two tones in succession in an endless loop.
I'm running in jumper free mode. I went to the ASUS web site and downloaded the manual to ry to find the reset jumper, but if it's there, I can't find it. I did take out the battery though and put it back in.

If someone helps me, I vow never to be this stupid again! Unless someone also tells me how to properly overclock it too after I fix it.. ;)

Please help me, I know I'm dumb, but...


wow..well... i know what im thinking...and im hoping its not true....

but....... what did you say your mobo was again??? and do you know what who your bios manufacturer is?? award, ami, etc....

are your beeps a long beep-short beep-long beep-short beep???

if so..then look that up at your bios's website..they should have a beep code list... if cant get to it... then post here and ill do research for you..

sometimes pc manufacturers list the original bios chip info on the bottom of the pc case..check there.. or on the inside... unless you know it outright....



"Anything for $50!"

Allright, I checked. It's an ASUS K7V running a whole whack of VIA components with Award stuff thrown in for good measure.
It lists 5 beep codes in the pdf manual I downloaded on my parent's crap heap, but none are what I'm hearing.


what bios version are you running..?? i need to know that too... im on amd site now..lots of stuff to look at..but i need that too... and then off to asus..



just as an fyi... man-o-man..so much to learn..wow

here are just a few pages which may or should help give you some guidance..i would suggest that you visit them in the order listed...

good luck again...

here they are:






tons of stuff on k7v's... like...its a whole other world (overclocking-that i know nothing about..lol) good luck again!



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The problem is, that jumper simply isn't there for many ASUS K7V owners. It's documented and marked out on the board, but there's no jumper. Your only option is to set the JumperFree jumper to jumper mode, and the external frequency DIP to 100MHz CPU/33.33MHz PCI -- that should sort you out. The board is SUPPOSED to reset itself if you overclock it too highly, but that rarely works like it should.

I realise you're already a bit freaked, and know you did something terribly silly, so I'll only say this -- PLEASE read up before you start making major modifications to your expensive hardware.

What you did wrong:

When you overclock the CPU's external frequency (100MHz for your particular Athlon), you're also overclocking the PCI bus. Athlons tend not to like going too far over its default external frequency, and most hardware just plain won't function if you deviate much from the PCI spec frequency of 33.33MHz. You deviated a LOT. I generally don't recommend external frequency overclocking, especially if you're just starting out -- it tends to bring out all sorts of hidden problems.

What you ideally want to do is raise your multiplier -- which is currently 7, in your case. The first problem is, on most Athlons/Durons, this is impossible without physical modification (which, granted, usually isn't too difficult, but fiddling with your chip is still a bit risky). The second (and bigger) problem is the fact that your motherboard has no multiplier setting in the first place, in which your only alternative is to add a Goldfinger device.

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