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I think I killed my V3.


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Ahh, so I was reflashing the flex on my V3 to enable video capture, and right after it started my compy locked up. Crap. So now PST says that it is a blank device but it says it can connect. Is it dead? Is there anyway I can revive it? Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm stuck using my old v220 right now.

Edit: Also, I forgot to add, my phone no longer powers up but the keypad lights up.
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OSNN One Post Wonder
If they keypad lights up that means you can still revive it. All you need is patience. =) turn on your PST and your multiflashflex and connect the phone via USB. once everything's up and running, try to turn on your phone and make it go to bootloader mode. This can be done by pressing the asterix and pound button simultaneously right after the keypad lights up. Keep on doing this until your computer detects the phone. =)

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