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I think I killed my tcp/ip stuff I cannot get online with my main computer

Hi all. I have a big problem with my main computer. I was cleaning out some stuff on the system and I think (not sure) if I deleted my tcp/ip settings. Here is what I have. I have a netgear wireless router and it connects right up to the main computer, and the second computer is also hard wired in. The other 2 computers are wireless. everything works normall on all the rest of the computers, but I must have gotten rid of something key on the main computer. I can go into my dos prompt and ping out, but cannot look at my router settings and or connect to anything else on that same computer. What can I DO?

Thanks in advance everyone

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For others that may have this problem....You can not remove the TCP/IP stack in XP but you can rebuild it.
This command will rebuild the TCP/IP stack.
Start/run then type in the box:
netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

Then reboot after it is done for it to take effect.

Make C: in that command whatever your drive letter is and after you reboot if you want to see what (if anything) was hosed you can look at the log which in the above would be in C:\ with the name resetlog.

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