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I.T. Qualifications:

Can anyone shed any light on the difference between say a Degree in IT and (say) someone with an MCSE, MCSP, or collections of these vocational qualifications?

Whilst I know that the degree is obviously longer and covers more ground (if it’s been taken in the last five years) some of the people I deal with on a daily basis (with a degree) don’t seem to be able to solve problems, especially PC related or programming issues as they don’t appear to have the necessary in-depth knowledge required.

Degrees in IT did not exist when I was at school and computers were almost exclusive to IBM mainframes.

Strangely enough most IT managers I know have engineering degrees. Even stranger is that some very large corporations don’t seem to have any (IT) qualified personnel at board level at all!!

Whilst I have to admit that my own qualifications are in music, I seem to spend all my spare time learning the latest version of whatever update, which always seems to be incompatible with the last at some critical point. This appears to be not limited to software either.

If you work twelve-hour days how do you keep up with these changes, employ someone whose sole job it is to track changes and incompatibilities both at the hardware and software levels?


m8 the entire reson in becoming a IT pro is to pro-long the problem as long as you can so you make more money. The other advantage if any 1 is pro enouth they genraly do jack sh*te all day apart from solve problem you already know well 40% of the time anyway
If M$ open sourced windows 2k code (i will bet you they wont and if they do i will lick bill gates shoes clean after he been through a field full of cow sh*t that how confedent i am) we might be able to sort problems out ahh well humans made it it pro try to fix it and fail then the coders fix it new problems apear you get the rest

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