I started a Blog today!

Good to see another blog by an OSNN member. :)
To increase the width of the main container, you'll need to make these changes:

Line 46:
#content {width: 700px; margin: 0 auto; text-align: left; background: #fff url(http://www.blogblog.com/snapshot/bg-body.gif) 0 0 repeat-y;}
First increase the width here to something higher - if you want to add 'x' pixels to the content area, for example, set the width here to 700+x

Line 49-59:
#main {
 line-height: 1.4;
 float: left;
 padding: 10px 12px;
 border-top: solid 1px #fff;
 width: 428px;
 /* Tantek hack - http://www.tantek.com/CSS/Examples/boxmodelhack.html */
 voice-family: "\"}\""; 
 voice-family: inherit;
 width: 404px;
Increase the width attribute again here - set it to 428+x, where x is the same number of pixels you added to the 700px above.

That should do it. ;)


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Thanks for the support and the help Netryder, I was able to get the width how I wanted it, now I just have to get the backgrounds HR's to line back up with the new size. Any ideas on that one? I attached a pic of what happens after I make the width changes so you know what I am talking about.



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NM, I got it! :) I am so proud of myself, I just kept playing with every color till it hilighted the area I wanted. It made it more difficult becuase they were using images for the background colors, so I have to get rid of them.

But it still is not quite right, (see screen shot) my preview is differnent from the actual page view, not sure why, might take a bit to update maybe. But the little lives under the headings are still messed up, not sure how to fix that.



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Looking for a new blog site.

Well I have only been with the Blogger.com for 3 days and all I can say is they have some serious problems. Today I lost a post I spent and hour writting. Half the time It takes me 3 hours just to access my blog to write a post. Driving me nuts. So I am looking for a new blogging site.

Any suggestions where I can move to?


Dabba Dooba
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Live journal is pretty good...u dont have to use there default templets. They have a thing where u can customize your own. Its pretty nifty...but for high school kids like me all it does is start conflict lol.


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I can set you up with a moveable type or wordpress blog platform on got-blog.co.uk dunno if you want a UK style address though

*not got the website done for got-blog.co.uk yet though ;)


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onimkron said:
http://www.modblog.com has a nice, usually reliable service :)
yea I found that place in my search, however even on their main page it takes forever to load each page. The seem to have a very slow connection speed. (I have a 5MB thoughput so I know it is not on my end) However I might give them a try and make a copy of my blog there and see how it works.


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Well over the last 3 days I have had nothing but problems, might just be a bad timing fluke. But I wish they would disable the posting ability when they are doing major repair work on the servers. Very agravating to lose an hours worth of work only to find out that they are rolling back the servers because of a failed Kernal upgrade. If you want more info just check my blog, I vented there.

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