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i pod alternatives?

There are plenty of great choices when it comes to portable audio players. Look into what Creative, iRiver and Dell have to offer. In fact, most of them will give you more for your money than the iPod - built-in FM tuners, voice recording, more flexibility in terms of file formats and compatibility with online music stores, etc.


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true, i was talking about personal satisfaction though, there just something different about iPods that makes them classier. yeah as netryder said those are good brands also check out rio


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The specs for any of these players will include information on what connections are available... whether they be USB or even 1394 (Firewire).


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celticfan11 said:
zeke mo how do you get the mp3s to your mp3 player
If you get a zen micro, it will come with a old version of firmware(mine did). After you upate it, it will have drag and drop support for Windows media player 10 and windows explorer. I still use the "Zen Micro Media Explorer (MTP)" program. Its VERY lite, doesnt run in the background when you dont use it, and its just a little GUI over explorer. Its a very nice program; all you have to do is click "Import music", then pick your music folder(s) or song files and click next. All done. I can upload some screen shots of it later if you want :)


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They are tons of 4GB-20GB mp3/harddrive players out in the market now. iPod's started the trend. I just ordered Dell Pocket DJ last week from Dell's site. It's pretty nice if you don't have more than 5GB of music collection and the price is not that bad either. There is also a $30 price-drop, so I think you should stick with this. :)

On the side note, iPods are nice too... but I just didn't want it as I don't have that much music. ;) Also in my opinion, Dell Pocket DJ is way better than the 4GB iPod Mini. I don't really know about 6GB model. :eek:
i would go with the new sony ones coming out (actually they might be already out, im too lazy to check) but they are really stylish and supposedly have like over 50 hours of battery life? yeah sounds crazy but i remember it being like a ridiculously high number. i'll post back with details

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