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I/O error.... any help GREATLY APPRECIATED



thanks a lot for readin this,

I recently got windows XP, before I had 98, ( which was MUCH better ), whenever I try downloading programs, game demos mostly .exe files, when I try to run it the installation gets about to 90 or 85 % done then it says

" An I/O error occured while installing this file. This is normally caused by bad installation media or a corrupt installation file "

Now,I know it is not the file, because its a popular file, and I have tried downloading it from many places. Maybe is it the bad installation media? is ther a patch to fix it?

BTW, I have Windows Xp Proffesional addition. I really really really really appreciate any help you guys can give me. I already tried searching on the web, and help directoy both were usless. thanks again
Is it just this one file your mentioning? or is it all types of exe files and such? I'm just tryin to clarify because you mention that you've tried downloading it from several places, so it seems like one file to me, so please correct me if i'm wrong.


ya I have.. more then one

yes two game demos I have tried say that same thing. I have not tried with other files, but morpheus was an exe file and it worked fine. Just when I try to install any game demos



Now it is saying the same thing for registered games that I have bought. Please someon I NEED HELP
if your getitng I/o errors, you might wanna run a chkdsk and if all else fails...do a complete clean install of XP since your problem is either the OS or the harddrive, sorry man =/


i tried that.....

I tried running checkdisk, and then I tryed a complete format and reinstallation of windows, but that didn't work. I am curious of what could be the Hardware problem, as I have tried switching bus speeds, and the file system on the hard drive ( from NTFS to Fat32 ), so what could be the hardware problem and how can it been corrected ?

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