I need your advice. And help. powerbook 5300 series


Blame me for the RAZR's
Ok i have a Mac PowerBook 5300 Series laptop. It hasent been started in 3
years. The data on the drive is priceless in every meaning of the word and i have several problems.

1. I cant seem to find the power cable for it.
2. I know very little about macs. And dont know what version of mac OS it would be running. I would assume 8 but who the gell knows.
3. I have to stress again that the data on it is priceless to me.
4. I dont care about the laptop as long as im able to get all the files off it (going to mostly word documents~ what formate would they be in?)
5. Id rather not have to spend 100 bucks on a apple cable for it. (just guessing old stuff is expensive.)

Ok Some more info on it.
1. Powerbook 5300 series.
2. Family number M2785
3. And it says its rated at 24V(solid line over dotted line) 1.87A Max.

I was thinking about one of those plugs that you can change the voltage and amps on but im scared it might mess something up. I wont lie i dont know alot about current so... Please Help Me. Id get my girl to bake you brownies (she makes them fantastic.) Or just rep you for a month straight.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: found this on ebay AC adapter.
I dont like buying from ebay (dont even have an account) so this would be a last option. 50 bucks for something im going to use once stinks. Any ideas?


Blame me for the RAZR's
its been off for 3 years..... I have no power cord.. the battery depleted along time ago.
thanks for the response though As far as i know it has a working floppy so i think thats how i will extract data.

Im really hopeing someone here has a old one in a dungen somewhere and would like to sale the Ac cord for cheap... but that is a long shot. hehe


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Apple sells old power cords, shoot them an email or call them up. It is not even that expensive last i heard, friend of mine got a new one for his old TiBook, and it cost him all of $25.

Besides that, once you have the power cord, just boot it up, and use the floppy drive to get the stuff off it. If you feel it is to priceless to do it yourself and have the possibility of messing up, walk into an Apple store, and tell em you want your old files on floppies. Be ready to be charged for doing it, i am not sure if they will do it free of charge. If not, buy a new PowerBook and ask them to transfer your old documents :p
If you do buy a power cord remember you can always sell it on something like ebay when your done with it. Also if you can get it for ~$25 from Apple and selll it on ebay for ~$50 thats a nice profit in the end. :)

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