I Need Video Capture Card Advice!


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5 Mar 2003
Can someone please tell me what a good video capture card would be up to ~$150? It doesn't matter to me whether it's PCI or USB. I've done some research, but I can't find a definitive guide. Thank you.
From personal experience, even set at best resolution, the avermedia and leadtek winfast tuners' captured video quality is too poor. The compression algorithms produce very blotchy pictures on playback. Live TV played onto the monitor was adequate.

The guys here with newer ATI video capture say they are happy with it.

Unfortunately, I have never found a site that reviews the cards and includes captured image quality shots or even a comparison.
Thanks, guys! Those really helped. I think I'm going with the ATI TV Wonder Pro Remote Control Edition. Thanks again!
Winnov makes very good capture cards but they may be a little above your price range.

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