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i need some help please!


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Hello folks,

I hope someone out there has experienced this before, and can help resolve the problem that I have.

I have about 600-odd images from a digital camera in my 'My Pictures' folder. Now, when I try to view them using XP's Picture Viewer, or even using Adobe PhotoAlbum sometimes XP will just lockup, and I end up having to restart the machine.

It's not always the same picture that causes it, simply that whilst viewing them the whole thing will just lock.

I thought it was a memory issue, but I've upgraded to 512mb RAM and though it is great for other stuff, I've still got this problem!

On annoyances.org someone suggested that I clear the TEMP folder, but didn't specify exactly which folder or where it was. So I emptied every TEMP folder that I could find, but to no joy.

Please, can anyone help? I'm sick and tired of having to restart the machine every time I look at some pics - god only knows what it's doing to my hard drive having to restart all the bloody time.

My specs:

Athlon 1.4, 512 mb SDRAM, ABIT KT7A, and a maxtor 80G hard drive.

I would really appreciate any input!
corrupted image files? is it just those that make your 'puter crash and burn?

I had a picture once, whenever I opened it, it would inevitably crash my machine... took me a little to put two and two together (which of course equals 5 :) )

might be the camera is making weirdness in the image files that your puter doesnt like... :(


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i thought it could be a corrupted file, but i'm not so sure. It doesn't crash on a particular image, it just happens when i'm looking at the pictures in general.

in case that it is a corrupted file, is there any way of searching for one amongst many, and then fixing it?

also, in the 'My Pics' folder, I view them all using thumbnails, and that doesn't cause a lockup, but viewing them individually does.



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nope, works just fine all the rest of the time, even when running for days at a time.

it only locks when looking at my images from my camera.
I have about 600-odd images from a digital camera in my 'My Pictures' folder. Now, when I try to view them using XP's Picture Viewer, or even using Adobe PhotoAlbum sometimes XP will just lockup, and I end up having to restart the machine.
That folder is on the hard drive


I would try copying the images to a different folder and viewing them from there. If it is a corrupted image copying might fix it or windows will just not copy that particular file. That's what I would try anyway.

P.S. for viewing pictures, I like to use ACDSee, it's pretty basic but has some nice advanced features.


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I just tried copying all the images to another folder, and guess what?! the damned XP lockedup on me again. however, i think i've located to a small number the exact file that may be causing the lockup. if an image is corrupted would it cause a crash like this or would the image just not be viewable? if it is a corrupt image is there anything i can do to salvage the file? is there any software out there that can locate a corrupted file?

thanks guys, i think we could be getting somewhere with this...
in some cases would cause full on crash... like i said, had one particular picture (...hmm, from someone else's camera coincidentally) whenever I opened it, it would shortly thereafter crash...

i dont know what you would want to to about those, might be difficult if the camera botched them all, or were messed up during transfer

in the meantime, you might want to update the firmware on your cam, just to make sure it wont cause problems in the future

Bronx Bomber

what about deleting the entire folder, then making a new one and jamming all 600 pics in there.

or have you tried splitting up all the pics, say 100 in 6 folders? maybe its the size of the folder thats screwing with everything.


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[yawn] good morning everyone,

and thanks for all the ideas! Bronx Bomber, I tried copying the images to another folder, but XP locked-up halfway through. After whittling down the number of images I copy at any one time, I've located the offending image(s) thats causing the crash. However, I can't be sure whether it is one or more, or exactly which one it is, as I get closer and XP tries to handle the file, it all comes crashing down!

plus, the pics are already in about seven folders, they're not all in one big folder.

Bootsy, I tried deleting the thumbs file, changed the view to details only so that a thumbs file isn't created, but it's still crashing.

I think it is a corrupt file(s) - is there any software out there that will be able to help? thee must be something I can use!

[doh doh dohdohdohdohdoh banging head repeatedly]
seriously tho, hmmm. Since you have located the culprit(s), try burning them on a cd (along with other ones, maybe even all 600), and trying to view them on another pc. I'm not aware of any software that will chck the pics for corruption.


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ha ha very funny ;-) if only that was the case, I'd be able to understand why...

I've tried burning the images to cd using nero, and the pc locked-up. I tried it again, and the same thing happened. It seems that whenever XP tries to access the file to move/copy it, it just freezes up.

there may not be any software that checks for a corrupt file, I'd settle for one that can fix a file though! any ideas anyone?

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