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I need some advice on hardware !!!


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Thanks for reading this ! :)

I'm on a real tight budget and I need to repair/upgrade my machine the MoBo is about to die on me and I'm not too sure what to go for AMD or Intel.

I have/had an PIII 500 with PC100 memory
SB Live 5.1
GeForce 2MX
Adaptec SCSI card
3Com 3c905b NIC
Realtek 5 port PCI hub
Dxr 3 decoder card

What I would like to hear is what you think I should go for. :confused: I don't really want or need MoBo's with intergrated sound, graphics or LAN. I have a 250v PSU and I probably will need to upgrade that as well. The reason I'm asking is coz i'm not too sure exactly what I need to upgrade and what I can keep. All I need is the bits to make it work I can upgrade sound and graphic later.
350v PSU minimum
AMD of course, why pay more for less ????
I like MSI motherboards, or Asus
leave the sounds with the sblive
need new Video card though dude



OSNN Junior Addict
So do you think this is a good deal or not ??

ASUS A7V8X MoBo - £77
AthlonXP 1700 - £33
256mb 333 DDR - £55

The PSU's I've been looking at on Dabs and OC seem a bit pricey at between £40 - £60 is that right coz I could just buy a new case for not that much more than that.

Aye I know I need a new graphics card but I can't afford it until after christmas.


Not sure about those prices in pounds, but check www.pricewatch.com. If you plan on playing any games or videocard dependant programs, and don't upgrade your video card, you won't see much more than a 2x increase in speed.

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AMD = Good Intel = Evil (I Live By That Moto)

if your not into music editing and all that id say stick wit your old card or use onboard sound on your new mobo most of em support it and there not much different than your dedicated 1
I'd go for Intel, but that's just me. I don't like the sounds of the "jet-engine" class fans needed to cool an AMD XP. ;) I like silence better.

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